Event 21/27 in Seoul: 32nd Korea World Travel Fair

Spontaneously I went today to the COEX Mall to take a more detailed look and discovered the 32nd Korea World Travel Fair. Some photos and videos document the event.

Walk towards COEX

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The fair

As an exchange student, the fair was free of charge, otherwise it would have cost around 10.000 WON. As I entered, I immediately saw a parade:

And a turkish iceman:

Some more pictures:

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The zombie dance:

And a performance of some Japanese:

And an Oriental guy. Interestingly, YouTube again analyzed the content and found the original song that was playing in the background. So if you catch a song on a video and don’t know which one it is, just upload it on YouTube, it will tell you after a short while.

Exhibition inside the fair

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Outside again

First, a few more pictures.

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A video of the library:

And a classical concert in the Hyundai department store:

And a short demonstration video of smart displays:

Boat party

Last, but not least I went to another boat party, similar to this one.

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Overall, it was a nice fair. Especially if you can enter for free and you’re nearby I recommend to take a look at it. In general, there are many events at the COEX, so going there once in a while might uncover nice opportunities for activities.