Event 20/27 in Seoul: 19th Seoul Drum Festival

I attended the 19th Seoul Drum Festival on the first of two days and made a few impression videos that can be found below.

The Seoul Drum Festival takes place every year and is free of charge. I took notice of it as I checked the festivals on visitkorea.org but decided spontaneously to take a look at it. In short, I highly recommend this festival as the performances crossed many genres and the sound as well as the visuals were very impressive.

Each of the following artists had about 20 min of performance time. The videos are much shorter as I only tried to catch the vibe. As the intro was also amazing, I share it here, too.

Artist performances

Luke Holland & Jason Richardson

Miso Kim

Miloš Meier

Choi Kyu Cheol & Drifterz Crew

Robert Searight

Yang hye seung & oAiii & oAiii

Interestingly, a short time after my upload on Youtube (without having any views) a copyright claim was upheld against me. In this case, I can keep my video, but won’t get any rewards for it (but as I don’t have any monetary intentions I’m fine with that). I checked the title of the copyright infringement and yes, this seems to be legit:

Other videos and miscellaneous

The first evening of the festival started with a short performance of Rapercussion:

Unfortunately, my other video file where they walked into the crowd is corrupted and I couldn’t find a way to restore it until now. Anyway, after Rapercussion some kids played cover songs for the Citizen Drum Contest and the winner got a prize.

During the concerts it began slightly to rain, but rain absorbers were distributed – again free of charge. The following video shows the end.

All in all, this was the best event for me so far as it had fit my musical taste, the visuals were great and everything was free and well organized. So if you’re into this kind of music, I highly recommend it.