Event 18/27 in Seoul: Korea University’s ISF and Ipselenti

Each year the Korea University celebrates the international students festival that ends with the big Ipselenti festival. For several days there are exhibitions of exchange students about the culture of their home country and KU students as well as national artists perform on several stages on the Korea University campus. Unfortunately, I nearly couldn’t attend any of these due to high workload, but SeoulSync has written a good blog post about it.

Video of the ISF

First, a short video of the preparation of the liberal arts group for their concert.

Second, another impression video of the concerts during ISF:

Sadly, that’s it for the moment.

Video of Ipselenti

But at least the following video gives an idea about the final event Ipselenti:

The festival was divided into two parts: first, 20 songs as learned on the training were performed with all KU students. Afterwards, three nationwide known artists performed for between 20 and 30 minutes; one of them was Twice, the internationally hyped K-Pop-Girlyband.

Overall, it’s quite impressive how much effort the university and especially the students put into creating such a big event. I definitely recommend to attend it, whether you like the music or not.