Event 16/27 in Seoul: Seoul Rose Festival

I took the chance of having a day off from studies to roam around at the Seoul Rose Festival. I captured some of the impressions with my Pivothead cam glasses. In general, you’ll see that nearly only Koreans can be seen in the videos. It seems like that this festival is not on the radar of internationals.

Video #1

You can see clearly here that the event itself was mainly attended by elderly people. If the video bores you, I recommend to skip to the next one which is much more vivid.

Video #2

A video of some of the flowers.

Video #3

Here we see a walk through the market with hundreds of small kiosks.

Video #4

Now it’s getting more exciting, with people in customes and some chanting. If the middle part is too long, you can skip to the singing at 3:40.

Video #5

A few more random encounters.

Video #6

The final video with some artworks.


And some more pictures:

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The Seoul Rose Festival is a good variation to the other, often technological sophisticated events. However, in my opinion it’s not a must-see-event as there weren’t any astonishing occasions and the target audience seems to be families and elderly people. But for flower lovers it’s a good opportunity to take lots of pictures.


Featured Image – By Aytan, via pixabay.com

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