The Transformation 01: A New Beginning


I started this blog in February 2017 with my exchange semester abroad in Korea to document cultural differences. Since my arrival back in Cologne in June 2017, not much seemed to happen to qualify as a new theme for this website. However, recent circumstances that I’ll elaborate in upcoming posts gave birth to the new personal concept of this site. It will cover especially topics around quality of life, derived from dark thoughts of an ongoing depression.

Perhaps it’s a hard shift from primarily soft topics like sightseeing in Seoul. But there’s a connection: while you can travel around the globe and collect many new impressions, there’s always at least on person that follows you around: it’s yourself. And if this companion is your own enemy, you’ll face dark places and times wherever you are.

Thus, I call this series The Transformation – An Attempt Of A Transition From Sadness To Happiness.

New content of this blog: The Transformation

While I’m cautious about planning the progress of this blog, my resolution is to write at least one article per week. Right now I assume to build the articles around the shift I’m currently aiming for: to face the demons that linger in depressive moods and how to deal with them. My personal goal is to escape the unhappiness to finally live a life more associated with joy rather than with anger and sadness.

To avoid bluring the purpose of these writings, I decided to disclose any own personal information. Some of the topics will cover tabooed areas like suicide.

Finally, while I work on this blog primarily for myself, I encourage any reader to share his/ her thoughts. The story I tell is only one among many. The conclusions I draw might be bounded to a specific setting and may not hold under different conditions. Further evaluations by commentators could help to estimate the specificity of the content.

Good luck to those who are about to read what I’ll write and accompany The Transformation.


Featured Image – By Hartwig HKD, via flickr.com