Random Thoughts: Options And Hierarchies


This is the first post of the Thoughts, Facts And Moments series since the restart of this blog. In the past, these often have been a collection of rather facts than thoughts. However, the new focus on personal experiences is set not only for The Transformation, but also for this series.

Additionally, the content of this post stems from a night and a drink out where I had the following thoughts voice recorded. I transcribed and slightly edited them for better readability. I added clarifications in italic.

Just like with any post that I publish I ponder the pros and cons against inclusion of the presented content. It’s in the nature of a spontaneous voice recording to not be as well thought through. But, similar to The Transformation, I want to secure the authenticity of my thoughts.

The Train Of Thought

A Million Options…

Now is one of these situations that can be important for your future life because basically you decide between at least two options if not a few more. You can either do or don’t do something.

I recently read about the idea that you don’t communicate to express yourself but rather to achieve a specific response. Clarification: I thought of something like: if I ask “How do you feel?”, I expect to be asked the same so I can tell about myself.

If I have the possibility to message someone that I like to spend time with I always have the power to either send this message or not. So in every moment I may have a million of options what to do, but with each decision I reduce the set of possible outcomes to a only a share of it.

Now I had the option to message a new friend of mine and I decided to do so. It’s one of these crucial events where I might think it puts me into one of these universes where the starting point of this subset was this decision.

… In A Zero-Sum Game…

It’s also a statement for a new life because I think I wouldn’t try to meet her if I wouldn’t be in this life-consuming situation with the woman I’m in love right now. It’s not what it pleases me the slightest. Clarification: I regret what I do. Maybe it could hurt her on the long term if it would end in the situation that I don’t want to spend that much time with her any more. This wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t have the possibility to message this new friend and spend time with her.

Maybe many of our decisions are zero-sum-games – I might make someone happy with something I decide for, but hurt another one with it.

And maybe that’s the tragedy of life. We always have to discriminate against people, and people realize if they’re in favour or not.

… That Form A Hierarchy.

In a society we might develop rules and social securities that guarantee that people can live at least a decent life, but if you’re a well-fed loser, your life won’t be fun anyway.

Yet, it’s the responsibility of the individual to decide who is worthy for your life and not.

The individual then contributes to this hierarchy if it values the behaviour of specific people. Others won’t get attention or help or understanding and this is how the hierarchy develops over time. You have these people with specific traits and they get promoted by the reactions of their social environment. Then, you have the other, the majority you could say because the hierarchy is in the form of a pyramid, that aren’t valued by the top. Clarification: I suppose in many societies the form of the hierarchy is like a pyramid.

Expectations towards each other change so they people can meet each other. If you experience regret and repression, you might adopt this as well and develop a similar hostile behaviour towards others. To some extent, this even strengthens the hierarchy, and makes it deeper.

In the end you could say that with each decision we narrow the pyramid, but it get’s higher, and the differences between the elites and the poor are becoming more extreme.

Power And Morales

If you’re in the position to choose among things, you have power. You decide to some degree about the fate of others.

And with this in mind, you might have to balance your own desires against, let’s say, your morales.

But sometimes it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing. If you reflect more about your situation, you may see more options. But at the same time, your fate is also in the hand of others, and maybe your life is more determined by what others do about you then yourself. It’s not clear to say how much control we do have about our lives.

Clarification: The assertions definitely need more explanations. Perhaps in another post.

Post Scriptum

In addition to the transcriptions: I already wrote in the second post of this series that it might make sense to carefully evaluate important decisions where we definitely can guess which impact they might have on others. On any other decision, we just have to accept what life brings to us and keep going.


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