Over the years I spent some time in rock and metal bands; the most important material can be retrieved on this page.

Former projects

2018 In Chains

From July to December of 2018 I played the second guitar and keyboard in the dark metal band In Chains. Material can be found on the official homepage.

2015 – 2016 Emma’s Dream

Emma’s Dream was an alternative rock band located in Leichlingen, Germany. I joined as a guitarist for one year at the beginning of their EP-recording until their official disbandment in September 2016. During my presence, the band played several gigs, most of them in the rear of Leverkusen and Solingen, Germany.

Group picture (Jan 2016)
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The self-titled EP contains five tracks and was mainly recorded at the Carousel studio in Wuppertal, Germany.

Emma's Dream EP (2015)

Emma's Dream

2011 – 2014 Falling Lynn

Back in 2011, I founded with four other band members Falling Lynn in the rear of Stuttgart, Germany. Over the years the lineup changed often and found its final forms in 2013 after the recording of the EP. I quit early 2014 to focus on my undergraduate studies.

Group photo
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The EP Preludium to the Fall contains three tracks and was recorded at a home studio in Uhingen, Germany.

Preludium to the Fall (2013)

Falling Lynn


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