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This website is run by a german graduate student in Cologne, Germany. Most of the posts deal with ideas and experiences about the daily life, a few of them are related to (professional) work. The website has no commercial purpose; however, pictures, audio-files and other media are intellectual property according to german laws (see further).

Journeys describe periods with a specific background in a more story-telling style. They grow over time, but eventually take a final form. Thoughts deal with more or less spontaneous but definitively independent commentaries about current or at least active topics. Their purpose is to provide new assumptions or highlighting specific experiences and facts that can induce further thinking. Music-making displays an overview of the music projects the author worked on.

In general, the purpose of the websites changes over time. While in 2017, the focus was set on an experience report of an exchange semester in Korea, enriched with background facts. For about a year, the blog was inactive. Since September 2018 the general idea shifted towards a documentation about the personal and intimate situations of the author.

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