Impression 06 (Stuttgart): Christmas Market


Yesterday I went on a short trip to Stuttgart for another Impression. I meet an old friend of mine to visit the Christmas Market City of Stuttgart in the afternoon which started only a few days ago. In contrast to former posts of this series when I used my cell phone or my Pivothead to take pictures, this time I chose my Canon Powershot SX540 HS which I bought about year ago. It offers a feature where it takes several photos at once and applies different filters on them. To demonstrate this feature I didn’t edit any of the presented pictures.

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Additional comments below.

The Foto Tour started in a department store next to the central place. My friend and me were joking that if you don't have enough space or money for a Christmas tree at home, just celebrate at the department store - it's warm, cozy, bright, and you don't have to prepare any meal.
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So I had to google the chocolate fountain cockatoo and, unsurprisingly, the reality is usually not as entertaining as the common knowledge. Nevertheless, for those unaware of the meme, you can find it this way:


Digression: SEO of Impression

Recently I started to use a WordPress plug-in which gives hints on how to improve readability and SEO. One aspect is the length of an article which should be at least 300 words. The Impression series however consists mainly of images and their descriptions underneath which don’t count. Until now I can’t find a solution.