Impression 04 (Karlsruhe): Center for Art and Media

Recently I’ve been to the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM) to take a look at current exhibitions; a few of them are introduced on its homepage. In general, you can spend endless hours if you want to read through the background of all the displayed items; the image galleries contain only a small sample. The admission fee is 6 €, there are no discounts for being a student.

Based on the events list, the following exhibtions were displayed (links go to Google Image Search):

Now let’s go to the first gallery.

Entrance hall. The building itself is huge, with lots of space for several exhibitions at the same time.
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Datumsoria was one of the main attractions. Here a video of the room as seen in the last picture:

And a video of an item that’s somehow representative for similar ideas:

A few more impressions:

This is an item of "Reinhard Döhl: Everything is Possible. Anything Goes.", and the exhibition's name fit the content quite well.
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The ZKM Gameplay stage was already introduced in 2013 as can be seen in the following video by the ZKM.

There are tons of other (mini-)games you can play there, all programmed and designed by students, and many of them also with physics or e. g. audio creation.

In sum, I definitely recommend going there. As the exhibitions are changing, it might even make sense to take a look at it each year. Apart from the artistic aspect, you can also catch a glimpse at the public current state of technology.