Impression 03 (Nuremberg): Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds

I had a short stay in Nuremberg and visited the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, a museum about the rise of the Nazi party before World War II until the trials of the leaders after the defeat of the Nazi empire.

Before to start with the gallery, two pictures I’ve taken on the night before on a night guide through the altstadt, the historical center of a city. More information on this guide can be found here (in German). Basically, if you’re a group you can also book individual guides which might has been the case here. Anyway, I recommend taking a tour in the night as it’s less busy and more comfortable to listen.

A picture of the Schöner Brunnen, the starting point of the tour.

While most of the pictures I’ve taken suffered from a bad image quality like this one, to some extend it has the style of noisy old photographs.

I visited the museum at the opening time on saturday noon. Several guides were talking about the items, so you can take your time and join the successing guide if you can’t follow the usual pace. Overall, I think I spent about 90 minutes in the Documentation Center.

Here we see the entrance.
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While I definitely recommend to visit the museum (as a student I payed only 1,50 € for it), I realized that if you’re familiar with the Nazi history there’s only little new to get to know. About 70 % of the pictures and facts that were presented came to no surprise to me or I’ve seen them before. So while there was not much knowledge to gain for me, at least I got reminded again of the really dark past of Germany and the legacy the country builds upon.