Impression 02 (Cologne): KölnTriangle and Botanical Gardens Flora

Fortunately, I was able to spend time in the noon on one of the current few days with good weather in Cologne and decided to take a look from the KölnTriangle-building as well as to stroll around in the Botanical Gardens Flora.


Because the image gallery of the KölnTriangle on Google looks quite good, I decided to check out its observation deck. The entrance fee is 3 €, there are nearly no discounts for any visitor group. Once you took the elevator up, you’re able to take photos on the small platform. If you compare these to those I shot during my time in Asia, you’ll clearly recognize the height difference of the observation decks as the one from the KölnTriangle was only about 100 m high, compared to more than 200 m of the other towers I visited.

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I have to admit that it didn’t felt special to me – maybe due to my impression that I’m used to the architectural styles of the buildings. Another problem is the relatively low height of the deck, although I’m not sure whether the view from the Cologne Cathedral differs much. In sum, I’d say it’s not a must-see event.

Botanical Gardens Flora

While I simply forgot to put on my video glasses on the observation deck of the KölnTriangle, I remembered I got them with me once I arrived at the Botanical Gardens Flora, so I filmed my walk through it.

You can see many people just hanging around and enjoying their time. As there’s no entrance fee, you should definitely give it a try as you can see a lot of beautiful flowers (and even exotic ones in the greenhouse) and, if you’re lucky, even some random wildlife.


Featured Image – © Raimond Spekking / CC BY-SA 4.0 (via Wikimedia Commons)