Impression 01 (Cologne): Chocolate Museum

The journey in Cologne starts with the visit of the Chocolate Museum in Cologne (wiki). Next you find some impressions of the items exhibited.

But before we start, some ducks I haven’t seen in a while that are very common in the parks in Cologne.

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Entrance, history and garden

The admission fee is 9 € for students and 11 € for regular visitors. After paying you get a brochure with additional information about several stops along the walking path.

Inside the museum before the counter
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Manufacturing and machines

A more detailed map about biospheres with cocoa plants. You could use sliders to access more information about each country.
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But before we continue with more history, here two videos:

Facts about native american tribes

The following pictures speak for themselves.

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Chocolate in Nazi Germany, both World Wars and Socialist Eastern Germany

Too bad the picture quality is catastrophic, but the sign below says something like "Scho-ka-kola - the strengthening chocolate"
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Traditional chocolate vendors and modern products

An out-of-order chocolat vendor
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The following video shows how the chocolate easter bunny is packed:

Chocolate shop

Finally, you can buy some chocolate of the broad selection inside the chocolate store inside the building next to the museum. You can go there without paying admission.

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I recommend going there. The admission is fair regarding that you can spend about two hours if you take a detailed look at every item. You also have the possibility to buy a somewhat personalized chocolate inside the museum, but you have to wait for 45 minutes until the production is finished.