Event 27/27 in Seoul: Flight back to Germany

Heading home

My “event” of heading home started on the night before my flight. I packed all my stuff and cleaned my room, but got a big problem as I was unable to pack everything again into my suitcase I brought with me to Korea. Fortunately, I was lucky under the circumstances that I was unable to sell my weights before that came in another suitcase. But then I still had the problem that I had to carry two suitcases and my guitar. In the early morning (about 5 am) I met by accident another exchange student who was also leaving and had ordered a taxi to the Incheon Airport. About 10 min later I joined him and so we shared with another exchange student the taxi from Korea University to Incheon Airport for a total of 60.000 WON in a record time of under 50 minutes.

At the airport, I was happy when I was able to check-in my luggage – but this came with a hard price, as only the first luggage was free and while I already expected to pay about 80 € for the guitar, the third one became really expensive, so I paid about 250 € for both the second and the third luggage. Better not do this again.

After the check-in, I had to throw away souvenir liquids as they were not allowed on the plane. Better also not to buy them again, too.

During my flight from Seoul to London I couldn’t sleep although I was already about 24 hours awake. The flight started at 10 o’ clock local time in Seoul and I landed at 14 o’ clock local time in London. I think it were about 11 hours in between these two stations. Most of the time I was tired and not able to be productive in anyway, so it was really a waste of time. Better avoid this constellation with future flights.

As the plane landed with a little delay, I had to hurry in the transit zone. Initially, I arrived with only few minutes left at the boarding station for my flight to Frankfurt, but the start also deferred for about 20 minutes.

On my flight to Frankfurt I had a good conversation with an American who had a much more worse adventure due to cancelled flights. He told me he already started flying on saturday noon from an eastern American county and hasn’t slepped since either.

Upon arrival in Frankfurt, I felt a heavy relief when I noticed that my luggage also made its way. Surprisingly, after pick-up of my luggage I came out at the departure of another terminal rather than at the arrival gate shown on the display. Few hours and some car driving later I arrived at my dwelling, having Korea physically left behind.


Featured Image – Photo by Karsten Wurth, via goodfreephotos.com