Event 15/27 in Seoul: Escape room in Itaewon

Escape room is a worldwide available adventure concept and even in Seoul there are three providers. I went as part of the KUBS Buddy activity to the one in Itaewon. Based on the count of participants we formed groups of six people and each group had to enter a different room and one hour time to solve the puzzles to exit the room. The theme of my group’s room was based on pirates, so quizzes to enter treasures, reading seamaps and adjusting rudders was part of the activity. At the end we failed to escape in one hour; foreign groups were able to solve rooms in less than 30 minutes.

The following pictures are taken from the KUBS Buddy FB page.

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I recommend participating in such events, especially as there are several themes. A list of available escape rooms is here.


Featured Image – By Clockedindk, via pixabay.com

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