Event 14/27 in Seoul: Short stay at the C-Festival

I condemn my currently high workload for my studies because at this weekend three festivals took place – and I only made it to one as I had to focus on assignments, but also on a first draft of a paper I have to hand in today.

However, as I mentioned, I made it at least to the C-festival at the COEX Mall – where I want to take a second look on another day. The C-festival took place over several days and offered a lot of attractions. Due to time constrains I went to it when the musical performances at the C-tower took place as can be seen in the second photo gallery.

On my way to the C-Festival I crossed a temple and decided to go in it.
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The strange thing I mentioned was similar to one depicted here.

A longer walk later I finally arrived at the COEX area.

In front of the area of the C-Tower where three bands performed.
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While the music was not my favorite, the visuals were quite impressive, and after all the event was free of charge, so even when the artists won’t fit the music taste I’d go there again.

The trailer for it looks good, too. Maybe I should visit Korea a second time and focus only on visiting these festivals…

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