Event 12/27 in Seoul: Party on a Han river ferry

As an unofficial part of the KUBA group activity I went to a party on a ferry on the Han river in Gangnam.

Picture by Hayoung Cho

Sohee Lee was one of the organizers of the event and has made a few pictures in the afternoon and early evening.

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Another picture made by Honza:

Unfortunately, no more pictures from my buddies bear witness to it, so I searched the internet for a few more impressions.

Rainbow lights from the Seongsu bridge change and can be seen from the ferry. By aberry_studio, via pixabay.com
By Republic of Korea, via flickr.com
By Republic of Korea, via flickr.com

As seen by one picture from Sohee Lee, the ship’s name is Cruise 378. The website offers more impressions, as well as posts on Instagram. Apart from parties they also organize weddings.

Fortunately, as part of the KUBA group I was granted free entry and one free drink. The prices for beverages were very high; for a tequila shoot you had to pay 5.000 WON, a casual Heineken costs 8.000 WON. It’s obvious that the usual visitors are much likely to be less price-sensitive.

On travel websites, you can book a cruise on a ferry, ranging from 35 $ to 72 $ including lunch or dinner. I think that’s a reasonable price and hope to be able to attend a ferry a second time during my stay.


Featured Image – By aberry_studio, via pixabay.com