Event 09/27 in Seoul: Everland

Last sunday I went to South Korea’s largest theme park Everland as part of the KUBS buddy program.

By Walter Lim, via flickr.com

The trip

KUBS Buddy chartered a bus from Korea University to Everland in the early morning and in the evening with a timeframe of six hours to spend there, but I joined later with having three hours to look around left. Fortunately, as part of a group the entry fee was reduced from about 45.000 WON to 32.000 WON, including one meal to be chosen from several restaurants.

There are many areas inside the park and can be divided into the zoo, the garden and the themes and amusements.

Entrance and first encounter with animals

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Here’s a short video of the cockatiel:

While it still seems that the zoo has kept the recommendations about the cage size, I still feel uncomfortable seeing two cockatiels in such small spaces.

The Panda World was opened in 2016, so I guess there were major changes of the whole park.

The zoo part 1: birds

Right after the cockatiels you get into the area with a lot of birds.

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The first picture was about a caique. Here someone recommends much space and toys for them which doesn’t seem to be the case. Unfortunately, I don’t know which bird the last one was, but I guess the cage is much too small for him, too.

Another encounter of the jackass penguin was at a later stage of my journey at the Lotte Aquarium.

The zoo part 2: mammals

The mammals followed the birds, e. g. lions and tigers. Here we see a polar bear pacing along the pool, an abnormal behavior often encountered in inadequate environments:

A few more mammals that seem to have at least enough space, apart from the orangutan:

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It would have also been interesting to know what was going on with the wallabies …

Petting zoo and buildings

Just as the caption depicts, now something to cheer up.

Ok, let's get in touch!
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Now another part of the park:

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Yet the pictures show only a sample as there were many other animal-related attractions, but all with some waiting time.


To my surprise Everland not only has a zoo, but also many gardens with blooming flowers.

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A big fountain changes its form several times:

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Due to my time restriction (and some registrations had to be done for three hours in advance) I didn’t participate in any of the amusements apart from the introduction of the pandas (one of the main attractions) where a video was played in a 360° screen. While I made a few pictures of the pandas, they turned out to be of low quality, maybe due to low battery of my phone.

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The VR robot looks very interesting:

I stopped at the VR Robot and I wanted to try it, but on about 17 o’ clock the next free seat was on 20 o’ clock and the bus went back on 18 o’ clock. A few more VR related attractions were also present, but more about stories for children.


Everland has a big area and a lot of attractions; even six hours won’t be enough to participate in all, especially on the weekend when there are long waiting lines. But even if you get enough of Samsung’s Everland, you can visit other amusement parks in Seoul, like Lotte World (also in the winter, as it’s an indoor park) and Seoul Land.


Featured Image – By 최광모 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons