Event 08/27 in Seoul: Picnic at the Han River

This post contains several activities; the highlight of it has been the picnic at the Han River.

KUBA group dinner

This week I proceeded my learning, but after my exam on thursday I could spent time on other things again.

First, I attended the weekly KUBA group dinner and drinking which however will pause during the regularly exam period for the next two weeks as well as the other regularly KUBA programs (group picture by Shinwoo). In the first round, some dumplings had to formed manually. In the second round at another location, the typical drink Soju was served with sugared fries.

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Random pictures of the Korea University

The next day I got my Korea University respectively KUBS jacket and took a look at the underground system directly located under the KU campus. The underground offers a lot of services through the stores and learning places, making it possible to spend your whole day working there.

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Picnic at the Han River

On saturday my KUBA group went to the Han river for a picnic (pictures by me, Hyunwook and Yuka). While at the usual lunch and dinner events the koreans are in the minority, they outnumbered the exchange students at the picnic easily.

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Unfortunately, the pollution covered the whole sky and even nearly the sun. The air pollution through smog and yellow dust is a serious problem, especially in this season and according to some koreans this year even worse than the last few years. In a morning in march, this even reached the second-worst air quality in the world.

While the smog is caused through emissions from China and Korea, yellow dust occurs usually during spring. According to wikipedia.org, the yellow dust…

… contain[s] high concentrations of silicon (24–32%), aluminum (5.9–7.4%), calcium (6.2–12%), and iron, numerous toxic substances were also present. […] People further from the source of the dust are more often exposed to nearly invisible, fine dust particles that they can unknowingly inhale deep into their lungs […] After inhalation, it can cause long term scarring of lung tissue as well as induce cancer and lung disease.

Since a few weeks I suffer from permanent coughing and a dry throat, surely also as a consequence that I went outside without checking forecasts about the air quality. Currently now the forecasts says for sunday 3 am that the particulate matter may even pass the threshold of 200 pm which is considered “very unhealthy” and it is recommended to stay at home.


Screenshot from aciqn.org

However, we stayed the whole noon and early evening. At the end I went over the bridge to a CNN café nearby, enjoing a good view on the city (which my phone camera cannot capture).

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Featured Image – By Yuka

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