Event 06/27 in Seoul: KUBS Welcoming Party and Club Made

The second lecture week was due to much readings and my illness for a few days not sensational, however a few new insights were recorded.

First, each tuesday is lunch and each thursday dinner with my KUBA group. The KUBA team and the group leaders put a lot of effort into ensuring a good time for exchange students. As a consequence I’m thinking now of joining a buddy program at my home university after my stay in Korea.

Second, I’ve been to the Nakwon Music Hall again to buy supplies for my guitar. While I could nearly find anything I searched for I was unable to buy strings for my guitar as no seller had 7-string guitars in their selection. That’s a huge disadvantage in comparison to stores with only one big seller where it is usual to have a broad assortment.

Third, I discovered the Daiso Stores that sell cheap everyday items like socks and food. Thus, I should be able to decrease my costs for living a little bit.

Fourth, I attended the KUBS Welcoming party and later drinking in a nearby restaurant.

(Too) early at the KUBS party

After this stop I went to the Made Lounge where a few people from KUBA and my dormitory were partying. As I was already late I decided to ride my bicycle to it where I followed the Han River in the night. However, it took me nearly an hour to get to there and later back.

Han River – By d’n’c (http://www.flickr.com/photos/fukagawa/194818842/) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
Entry to the Club Made – By Joanna Shin

Because I was freezing on my ride, I became ill from friday to sunday and didn’t participate in the weekly KUBA group event on saturday. While I tried to recover from my illness I found a lately video of Elon Musk speaking in an interview at the World Government Summit 2017 in Dubai that I highly recommend as he points out near-future developments.

Last, I went to the Immigration Office at the Seoul Global Center for the registration of my residence and to get the alien registration card. The full procedure regarding the alien registration card is described here.

Although the illness is still on, the last days were a short, but necessary break from the many activities since my arrival in Korea. I guess the rest should enable me to be much more active this week than the last one.


Featured Image – By travel oriented, via flickr.com