Event 04/27 in Seoul: Cheering orientation

On the following day of the first lectures I already worked through the weekly assignments to be prepared for the next week.

On each weekend at least one event of either KUBA or KUBS Buddy takes place. While I missed the Campus Tour by KUBS Buddy, I joined the cheering orientation of KUBA later which was a hell lot of fun.

In general, Korea University hosts a yearly festival called Ipselenti where thousands of students participate.

The cheering orientation prepares the students for the dancings of this festival. 21 short songs were exercised, the genre varied from traditional ballads to modern rock and K-Pop with appropriate dancing styles. Many songs deal with the competition against the Yonsei University; on average, Korea University and Yonsei University share the same national rank, depending on the source (e. g. [1], [2], [3] (filtered for South Korea) , [4]). Their athletic rivalry already goes back to 1927. While college rivalries are important in the USA, UK and India, these are completely unknown to germans (see further); on a city level, such rivalries exist, e. g. between Cologne and Duesseldorf.

The following pictures are taken from the closed KUBA Facebook group by Joanna Shin:

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Featured Image – By Thomas Park, via flickr.com

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