Event 01/27 in Seoul: Departure from Frankfurt and arrival in Seoul

This is the first post about the journey in Korea and deals with the flights to Seoul. Some travel preparations were made in advance; these can be read here.


As part of my graduate studies in Information Systems at the University of Cologne I took the opportunity to join in an exchange semester in Korea which I applied for in 2016. The exchange lasts from February till June 2017 and is a good chance for providing insights into a country from a German/ European perspective.

The following chapters describe the progress during the three days to arrive at my dormitory.

Frankfurt Airport → Tokyo Narita Airport

My trip to Korea begins with the leave of my current living near Cologne and my short visit of my family near Stuttgart. After about four hours of driving from North Rhine-Westphalia to Baden-Wuerttemberg in the early hours I took an ICE to Frankfurt Airport. The image shows my equipment of my journey.
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Tokyo Narita Airport → Seoul Incheon Airport

The arrival at the Tokyo Narita Airport was not without complications, but finally worked out well. I received my luggage in a good form and afterwards began to explore the airport. Unfortunately, I was unable to check-in my luggage and needed to cover it with me all the time. However, a few nice shops caught my eye.
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Seoul Incheon Airport → Dormitory near Korea University

I forgot to change the local time on my tablet so my alarm didn’t work. Thankfully this wasn’t a big deal as I still woke up after about six hours of sleep (the first time in the last four days that I’ve slept longer than three hours), packed myself and went out of the hotel.
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